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How to Practice Tapping Your Primal Energies to Unleash Your Creative Potential

Your Primal Essence – the Divine Feminine by Pamela Wells Do you feel uninspired or even burned out in your life? While you may want to be more creative, you may be blocked from expressing your creative impulses. In our fast moving, technologically driven society, it is easy to be removed from our creative source. […]

The Mystery of the Moon – Nonlinear Mastery of Breath

As you become more comfortable in the center of the breath pulsation, allow creative thoughts to emerge from these depths.

Changes – Diving Into the Cave of Your Heart

The invitation in this season of growth is to align with the powerful forces of nature both outside and within.

Valentine’s Day Blessings for the Goddess

Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that even those parts that seem shadowy or cry out are not neglected and are affirmed.