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How to Practice Tapping Your Primal Energies to Unleash Your Creative Potential

Your Primal Essence – the Divine Feminine by Pamela Wells Do you feel uninspired or even burned out in your life? While you may want to be more creative, you may be blocked from expressing your creative impulses. In our fast moving, technologically driven society, it is easy to be removed from our creative source. […]

How to Become a Whole Human Being – Reconnecting to Your Primal Nature

Any hope of peace requires us to endeavor to maintain an open heart while having the courage to dance in the mystery of who we are.

The Divine Feminine Way – Awakening to the Beneficial Wholeness of Whole Brain Thinking

For thousands of years we have looked out to the heavens or inside ourselves to contemplate God’s nature. In the process of seeking into a vast emptiness we have forgotten about the sacred power of the present moment which is creatively happening through us and in the world around us. It is time for us […]

Seeking Wholeness – The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies

You will have a preference about how you do things in your life. We are all creatures of habit. The question is, “are these habits serving your vision in the highest way?

The Healing Path of the Wounded Healer

What is a Wounded Healer? If you are someone who is sensitive or very intuitive (clairaudient, clairessant or clairvoyant)*, from a family history of emotional or physical abuse, find yourself in the middle of solving family quarrels, and suffer from first chakra illnesses like joint, bone, autoimmune, skin or blood disease, you may be a […]

The Mystery of the Moon – Nonlinear Mastery of Breath

As you become more comfortable in the center of the breath pulsation, allow creative thoughts to emerge from these depths.

Path to Empowerment – The Evolutionary Stages to Spiritual Power

Pursuing both inner and outer knowledge can lead to empowerment and spiritual power if you are willing to take full responsibility for evolving your own consciousness.