Bringing Together Heaven and Earth-Rebirthing the Divine Feminine

The High Priest mediates between heaven and earth.

The High Priest mediates between heaven and earth. We can live a joyful life if we learn to balance the masculine and feminine principles inside ourselves.

We have fallen victim to a separation within felt as a split in our psyches between heaven and earth. The western intellectual sky God has dominated thinking for centuries and even though we have developed a great capacity to separate and divide we have sacrificed our feminine feeling, intuitive and inner visionary capacities. As a result the feminine way to God has been denied and misunderstood for too long. Now mother earth and our own well-being requires we develop and integrate both aspects. Honoring the feminine aspects of God is an important developmental task for men and women and the gateway to heaven on earth.

What is the Divine Feminine Way to God?

The feminine way of being in the world is important for us to nourish in order to become whole. We can begin to understand Her by going down into the matrix of earth-mud and into the universe’s birthing and devouring black holes. She is the magic, mystery and the fullness of matter embodied in rapture, pain, birth and death – the container for holding the splendor and fullness of the divine. She is known by many names – Mary, Sophia, Aphrodite, Shakti, Kali, Shri. Some of these goddesses represent the more revealing aspects of the divine feminine and others are more dark and mysterious.

There is no other way for God to see or experience Herself so matter must exist in order for us to experience the One God. Through our five senses, intuition and inner vision we experience the feminine half of God embodied here on earth and in every moment. It is the divine feminine that takes us down to the depths of our own interiors and shows us divine love – the capacity to relate to another being as oneself.

“The most profound religious life is being in each moment on this earth – bringing heaven and earth together rather then hoping heaven will come down when it is already here.”

Society’s Paranoia – Fearing the Divine Goddess Kali and Her Dark Sisters

We all learn to fear thedivine feminine aspect of God because she is mysterious. She is impossible to understand with the intellectual mind because she never holds one position and is always transforming, moving and changing. This impermanence is very frightening until we learn how to actually move into it and get comfortable with the mysterious (not knowing) aspects of Her. Becoming comfortable with mystery is the ultimate surrender for the intellectual mind but where the greatest transformation can take place in our consciousness.

Archetypes are the Language of the Divine Feminine Way – Where are Women’s Voices?

woman’s mind is biologically different then a man’s mind and so the questions we ask and the ways we know God are going to be different even though the answers ultimately point to the same One God. Unfortunately the archetypal language (universal symbols of the unconscious mind) we have to describe feeling, intuitive and inner visionary experiences is often feared and misunderstood because of the non-linear and invisible ways in which interior transformation occurs.

So, even when women talk about transformational spiritual experiences using archetypal imagery with words, the mysterious and cyclical aspects are often too frightening for the listener to entirely experience because of the ego’s inability to surrender and not be in control. This is why all seekers must eventually experience Her alone in their own initiatory journey down into the earth-mud.

Women have more freedom then before to talk about spiritual experiences so why are more men than women talking about the divine feminine way? Women often respond in silence to a society’s paranoia about a women’s way of knowing. Additionally, it can be very challenging for women to find effective ways to communicate embodied sensory experiences if they have not integrated their own inner masculine aspects that would give them the internal authority (self esteem and internal power) to do this. When women integrate archetypal language with personal authority, we invoke a powerful way to communicate about the feminine half of the One God.

Women Must Find Their Voices and Then Be Bold

Despite the fear mongering and most people’s limited knowledge of archetypal language, it is important that women boldly talk about their spiritual experiences and lead rather than deferring their own transformational experiences to men. Women have a historical and important opportunity to express their experiences by utilizing the language of archetypes. Women no longer need to follow masculine ways of seeking God – in churches burdened and beholden to the patriarchal past or bowing down at the feet of the guru. For women to continue to do so would be to miss the point entirely. Since no teacher can bring the divine feminine feeling, intuitive and visionary aspects down to us, women must empower their own inner masculine with enough personal authority to be able to hold the paradoxical tension long enough to go down and through the gateway to the One God.

“Enlightenment is simply the process of being a human being with the consciousness that we are aligning ourselves with heaven – following the will of God.”

Meeting the Goddess for the Journey Down Into Our Own Interiors We can never go back to the wholeness we felt as children with mother. In order to recapture wholeness, we must move forward (not backward) towards greater consciousness with our masculine intellect as our initial guide then journey down into our own feminine feeling, intuitive and visionary aspects.

Meeting the Goddess – A Man’s Journey to the Divine Feminine

In the psyche of a man it is more difficult to integrate the inner feminine but just as important as a women’s developmental task of empowering her inner masculine. Most men chase this distant goddess off into the horizon without realizing their task is about finding the eternal goddess within. They often make the mistake of thinking the divine feminine would be found in a human woman. It is the special man who has realized there is no way to go through the gateway to the One God without integrating and befriending his feminine aspects by developing his feeling, intuition and inner vision.

Meeting God – A Woman’s Journey to the Divine Feminine

The developmental task in a woman is primarily about re-animating the creative forces (the goddess) within and directing life-force energy in co-creative partnership with the will of God. Women may not be able to connect to the creative power of their own inner goddess if they fail to integrate their masculine aspects which empower them with internal authority (self esteem and internal power) and a strong (ego) container to hold the paradoxical tension long enough to endure the splendor of God.

Higher Consciousness is Evolutionary and (Usually) Needs Time to Develop in a Human Mind In wealthier countries there are many people who have enough cultural freedom to go directly to God. As we become more intellectually complex and global we learn there are many paths to God and some may resonate better with our own particular natures. The more we learn about the divine aspects ofGod and Goddess, the more empowered we become to navigate safely through our interiors in an integral and whole way.

Note: There are many religious guides, spiritual guides and wise teachers such as counselors, mentors, friends and family with wisdom and life experience to help us relocate our spiritual center of gravity so that we can look at eternity with intelligence.

Bringing Together Goddess (Earth) and God (Heaven) – Divine Paradox

We are in this paradox – in mortal “earth” bodies and at the same time experiencing our immortality. If we can hold the paradox of now and eternity for long enough an inner transformation can take place where we shift our authority over to something greater – where the earth serves the heavens and the ego is sacrificed to God.

Holding together a paradox is a skill that can be cultivated. So what is paradox? A good explanation can be found in the Temperance tarot card. (See the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Spiritual Guidebook & 22 Wisdom Cards for more).

Some Divine Feminine Spiritual Principles Mentioned in this Article

  • Interconnectedness – Interconnectedness is important for our own well-being and mother earth’s. For more, see the Lovers tarot card.
  • Present Time – Racing linearly through time bankrupts us of meaning and interior depth because we don’t take in anything that nourishes us. The divine feminine asks us to slow down and see all the amazing details and experience moments in life that bring us depth, purpose and meaning. For more, see the High Priest tarot card.
  • Being Embodied – Rather than wishing to escape our bodies in order to reach heaven we can experience heaven on earth by using our five senses, feeling, intuitive and visionary capacities. Being embodied gives us the opportunity to see the divine in everything around us. For more, see the Empress tarot card.


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