The Divine Feminine Way – Awakening to the Beneficial Wholeness of Whole Brain Thinking

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

For thousands of years we have looked out to the heavens or inside ourselves to contemplate God’s nature. In the process of seeking into a vast emptiness we have forgotten about the sacred power of the present moment which is creatively happening through us and in the world around us. It is time for us all to move beyond culture’s left brain focus on a disembodied and transcendent God, a focus which has split apart spirit and matter (mother). It is time to bring God back the fullness of all that exists.

In Western cultures women and men are taught to live in their minds (left brain) and to doubt their own intuitive and instinctive knowledge (right brain). By primarily valuing the left brain hemisphere, we become disconnected from our bodies and from nature and we limit our potential creativity and our intellectual flexibility to fully experience and understand our lives and the world.

Whole Brain Thinking – Honoring the Divine Feminine

How can we understand and experience the nature of God in her Divine Feminine aspects of fullness and love while still honoring her Divine Masculine aspects of emptiness and freedom? We can begin by becoming more consciously aware in daily life. Then, as we mature and evolve in skill and wisdom, we will learn to connect with the eternal, cosmic mind of God. Most will find that they have reversed this process because of our culture’s predominate focus on a distant God who dwells in Heaven. Either path still leads to the One so that the essential task is to combine and then integrate the two aspects of God to form one whole, non-dual perspective.

“When you seek to know God, you will know nothing and everything at the same time.”

What is Whole Braining Thinking?

Whole brain thinking is the ability to use both the left and the right brain adeptly. The corpus callosum facilitates this connection – a large band of neural fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. This connecting band of tissue in women is thicker than in men, raising the question, “How is a woman’s way of experiencing God going to be influenced by this thicker bridge between the two hemispheres?” Because women have an enhanced ability to use both left and right brain hemispheres, women have the most to offer in healing the split between the masculine way of understanding God (emptiness and freedom) with the feminine way of understanding God (fullness, love and the present moment).

What is the Divine Feminine Way to God?

The feminine IS the core of creation that is LOVE. Creation, love and the Divine Feminine are one and the same. Every woman instinctively knows that she is at the center of this great creative mystery that is unfolding in the moment. The Divine Feminine aspects of God put us in touch with our own bodies, our own imagery and our own truth and in so doing we awaken to what is meaningful in our lives. She values all things as important to the health of the whole and recognizes our mutual connectedness. Her fearless embrace of feeling in the present moment can remind us of the incredible mystery and sacred power of life.

“Non-dual realization embraces both emptiness (masculine) and matter/form (feminine) aspects. “Being” and “becoming” are both parts of a non-dual, self realization.”

What Does the Divine Feminine Value?

The Divine Feminine values all matter – living beings and nonliving natural objects and also every part of all things – as important to the health of the whole. She recognizes our mutual interdependence and connectedness to all things for survival, well-being and evolutionary vibrancy. She places a great deal of significance on having good relationships based on mutual cooperation and she uses intuitive, instinctive knowledge.

Moving Into Whole Brain Thinking

When women and men remember what the Divine Feminine really values, we realize we must include all perspectives to gain an understanding of the wholeness and connectedness of life. To do so we must dive fearlessly into the mystery of the pain and suffering that is part of the great feminine initiation into the cycles of creation. We honor the Great Mother Goddess when we embrace life as it is. She embodies the wisdom of forgiveness and turns us to what is hidden in darkness to be reborn in a powerful new way. We can then focus on the present moment where anything is possible and no separation exists if we listen to and respond courageously to our intuitive wisdom.

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

“The only way to transform emptiness is to develop fully in the world of form. The transcendent and immanent worlds have to flavor each other in the vehicle you were born with.” – Ken Wilber

Integrating Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles Into Your Life

Reawakening to the divine feminine is a union of embodying her principles in our daily lives as well as intellectually integrating and including the bright light of masculine consciousness. We combine these two by:

1. Enjoying the world with our five senses while using our sixth sense – intuitive knowledge. Intuitive knowledge makes something known by focusing our attention on universal knowledge or collective consciousness.

2. Seeing the parts then integrating and combining them to form a whole. Western cultures teach the scientific method of separating the parts from the whole and calling them truth. As we broaden our knowledge, we learn that just because something looks true, doesn’t mean it’s the only truth or absolute truth.

3. Being and Becoming – learning to meditate, pray or contemplate while staying in present time, in our bodies, for our own needs as well as the moment’s.

4. Traveling deeply into space to experience emptiness, oneness and freedom and then returning and going deeply into the cycles and mystery of creation in order to become empowered and reborn in a new way. We can master ascending (masculine way to God) and descending (feminine way to God) at the same time.

Exercises for Becoming More Whole Brained

People use to say if you were logical, you were definitely left-brained, and if you were creative, you were definitely right-brained. This is no longer the case. New research indicates that there’s more flexibility in our brains and we can train our brains to become more organized, creative or better able to process all sorts of information. Knowing where our strengths and weaknesses are can help us strengthen the weaker hemisphere. Here are some ways to strengthen the left or right hemispheres:

Left Brain Exercises

1. Make lists – One method of getting into details is to outline what must be done. Bite sized chunks of daily tasks are an excellent way to engage the left hemisphere and also to overcome apparently impossible hurdles.

2. Pay attentions to details – The left hemisphere is about details and linear thinking. Notice the details in the surrounding environment and connect to what is happening through the power of observation.

3. Change your immediate environment – Changing surroundings is an opportunity to change thinking because the mind will not have its familiar environment to cue it into old habits. Create an environment that has beautiful, calming, and enjoyable details.

Right Brain Exercises

1. Keep the bigger picture in mind – Take time to become aware of the greater scheme of life and larger reoccurring patterns.

2. Creative visualization – Learn to quit the chatter in the mind and to allow the spatial, holistic and much more unconscious right brain do its work. Meditation and contemplative practices are useful techniques to quit the left brain.

3. Practice spatial rotation exercises – The right brain is involved in spatial tasks as well as holistic vision. Imagine objects rotating in space. Keep a clear image of the object while it is moving.

4. Learn to trust intuitive information – Allow the right brain the opportunity to function by reflecting on unique and creative thoughts. Honor the insights received through day dreams, visions and imaginings. Relax and enjoy their creative possibilities.


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