How to Practice Tapping Your Primal Energies to Unleash Your Creative Potential

Cosmic Space - the womb of the Divine Feminine

Your Primal Essence – the Divine Feminine

by Pamela Wells

Do you feel uninspired or even burned out in your life?

While you may want to be more creative, you may be blocked from expressing your creative impulses.

In our fast moving, technologically driven society, it is easy to be removed from our creative source. While technology was supposed to free us from mundane tasks and enable us to have more time and energy, but it seems to be sucking us into a vortex of never-ending distractions and division of our attention away from our source of creative energies and vitality.

We are free at any time to pause and recognize when we are uninspired and blocked from the flow of life force energy always available to us. This primal force is nature’s raw untapped energy. It contains every possibility of the One that is within all of us.

By regularly practicing tapping your own primal nature, you have the opportunity to recreate yourself again and again. This practice begins by releasing those resistances inside you that prevent you from accessing these energies. During the course of our daily lives and with the pressures and demands of personal and business responsibilities, we get caught up in all of these doings and forget about these essential energies in our being. Thus, when you begin to consciously let go of your need to control all the elements of your life, you will begin to step into the natural flow of life.

Every aspect of who you are contains these primal energies. However, there are certain areas in your being where such energies are blocked from flowing. A great way of releasing stuck energy is to sit down in a comfortable seat and allow yourself to settle your pelvis. It is very common to experience a pooling of blocked energy in the core of the pelvis, which results from distractions, demands, and the fast pace of a modern technological society. Indeed, when you are angry, fearful, anxious, or experiencing any other contractive emotions, you tend to have a commensurate lift in your whole pelvic floor. These rising energies in the pelvis leave you feeling unstable, insecure, and unsteady. Therefore, to bring balance, you can choose to align with these primal energies in your self and particularly in the pelvis, which are associated with feelings of security, safety, and stability. When you allow your pelvis to literally settle into the seat of where you sit, you contact something bigger than yourself. By re-anchoring yourself, you return to the source of your primal energies and you sit in your own nature.

When you have literally allowed yourself to settle into your deepest self, you access all of your potential. These primal energies are just that – raw energy that is vital and untapped. They have immense power.

Set a high intention for yourself that will invoke your potency. The higher the vision, the more that you access these vital energies. Often, when you limit what you desire to small, narrow and short- term goals, you restrict what you can harness inside. However, as you begin to realize that you can be a great offering to another person, cause, or something other than just yourself, these more potent primal energies become revealed.

As you invoke these primal energies through intention, then, it is the very process of shaping them, cultivating them, and then offering them to the world that becomes the creative act that we all inherently seek. By mining the depths of who we are, we have the opportunity to fashion the “core” that we find into jewelry – into something valuable. It is this continual practice of taking what is natural inside and then refining it such that it can be expressed and offered outside as something of value. This becomes the process of aligning who we are inside (nature) and how we act and offer outside (culture). This ultimately leads us to remember the source of ourselves and everything around us.

Instead of seeing ourselves and others as separate, as we connect with our primal nature and create from that deep place, we begin to see more clearly how One energy is expressing itself in infinite forms.

May you remember to pause, breathe, settle, and go to the depths of who you are.

Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. Pamela is available for custom soul portraits and design work. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,