Changes – Diving Into the Cave of Your Heart

Seeing Change as Growth

When you act from the highest, you will not only feel the delight of such a connection but others will be uplifted in your presence and get a hit of their own Divine light.

As we transition from winter into spring, this is a great time to be inspired in our lives.

Notice all of the changes taking place in nature as the weather warms and every day becomes longer. There is a palpable sense of renewal of life. Plants are literally breaking free from the earth and stretching toward the sun. Flowers are blooming. There is a vitality that you can even smell in the spring winds.

The invitation in this season of growth is to align with the powerful forces of nature both outside and within. All of the seeds of intention that you have planted in the fall and cultivated in the winter can now begin to emerge into manifestation. This is the time to make shifts in ways of being and doing that harness these powerful creative energies.

The word for transformation in Sanskrit is “parynama”. “Pary” means to encircle one’s heart. “Nama” means to make an offering. Together, the word suggests that an authentic transformation is made by looking deeply into the cave of your heart and then making sweet offerings from what you discover.

This is the time to unveil your contemplations and reflections. Let your deepest and most cherished desires bear fruit as you dig deep inside the wellspring of your heart and express who you are into the world. When you align so deeply with who you are, whatever you do or say will feel like you are offering your highest. When you act from the highest, you will not only feel the delight of such a connection but others will be uplifted in your presence and get a hit of their own Divine light.

If you have been waiting for the right time to launch some important project, venture, business, or other offering, this is a great opportunity. This is a wonderful season to harness the creative energies of nature and skillfully ride the waves of change to affirm your life and make a beautiful offering to the world.

Make sure that as you make your offering that it is in fact aligned with your heart. The transformation may not always be comfortable as change may take you out of your comfort zone. However, when you remember your intention, it will give you renewed energy and inspiration to hold to that vision. In the process, you awaken to a new understanding of yourself and your relationship to the world. It is not just in your mind, but the transformation will affect your heart. By aligning with your depths, you will feel the delight of spirit as the very play of consciousness. As the Divine has taken every form, including you, the invitation is that you shift your form to feel a closer relationship to the Divine. As you shift in relationship with the Divine in this way, you will feel Divine!


Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

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