As featured in Spirituality and Health Magazine’s 2013 Favorites List

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Deck as featured in "Spirituality and Health Magazine's" Favorites List

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Deck as featured in “Spirituality and Health Magazine’s” Favorites List

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Cards and Book for Contemplation and Prayer

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Cards and Book for Contemplation and Prayer

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Stephanie Kilgore, Changing Hands Bookstore
I recently received this kit in the mail as part of the Advance Access program. I was thrilled when I received it. I took my time in opening this package as I had a feeling it was going to be special. I was not disappointed. Upon opening the package, I felt a warm glow from the mailer. When I took out the package and began to open it, that feeling continued. The artwork and detail on these cards is incredible. I admit to being a little jaded about decks of this sort. So many times it seems to be the same message repeated over with a slight variation on the art. These cards however are fresh and delightful. They are truly a celebration of the Goddess in each of us! They do not give the message that any one spiritual path is more correct than any other but the message is to enjoy who you are inside and out. That each of us have a little of the Divine in us and can use that better ourselves and those around us. The book does a great job of describing and explaining the cards and their meanings so that anyone, beginner or advanced user, can understand.

Aeclectic Tarot 5 Star Review

SAGE WOMAN MAGAZINE, Review by Reviewer Leah Samul
This deck is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Artist, illustrator, and designer Pamela Wells has created a Tarot-based tool for transformation as visually stunning as it is psychically juicy Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a lushly illustrated deck that can be used for divination, contemplation, or affirmation. Strong, beautiful women adorn these cards, evoking the energies of the Tarot and Goddesses from around the globe. Pamela Wells is a remarkably talented artist, and her paintings are nothing short of heavenly. Even the back of the cards-which depict a jaguar peeping out of dense jungle foliage-are lovely enough to grace an altar or shrine or serve as a focus during meditation and ritual.

Many people are now finding meaning in their lives by turning to contemplative forms of knowing and higher learning. This Collector’s set includes 22 oversized, gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditation, a 120-page spiritual Guidebook and Wisdom Prayer Guide.

This boxed collection is a powerful tool for the journey to greater self-knowledge, understanding and awareness. Women and spiritual seekers of any age will enjoy the way these beautiful cards honor the feminine way of learning through creativity and inner vision.

Pamela Wells, the artist and author, is committed to communicating a message of love, joy and hope through her inspirational visions and wisdom. Her website offers a line of beautiful goddess art and a preview of the cards to read online.

Her goddess illustrations on each card are quite beautiful, making the guidebook and Affirmation Card set a pleasure to use as a daily practice for deeper spiritual contemplation and guidance. For even more clarification, Wells has added applicable quotations from many spiritual and religious traditions that demonstrate universal power and relevance.

Leslie Zehr author of ‘The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer’.
I received ‘Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess’ as a gift from one of my students. I found the cards in complete alignment with the information that had been given to me through my own work. My work with the tarot allows us to work with archetypes in the major Arcana using Dance to reach the Universal Dancer (the World/Universe). Pamela has created a beautiful set of cards for the major Arcana giving us more tools for working with the archetypes. As well as explaining the archetypes clearly she guides us through a process using questions and affirmations allowing us to experience the energy contained within each archetype.

These cards are a powerful magickal tool. The companion volume includes information on the Jungian associations of each card, pertinent quotes from the world’s sacred texts, and includes affirmations, guided visualizations, questions for contemplation, magickal workings and poetry for each card. Each one is accompanied by information on how to understand the card’s message and work with it magically. This is not just another pretty face deck but a tool of transformation and self-awareness that sheds much light for the reader.

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is the type of magical item that anyone can embrace. Beautiful and resonant, these cards can be used in divination, prayer and contemplation. Highly recommended.

S. Schauer
Other reviewers here have written eloquently and in detail about this lushly beautiful deck… Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is one of the most beautifully produced deck sets I have ever had the pleasure to own and work with. The quality of independently produced decks can often be woefully uneven despite generally commanding higher prices than their mass-produced counterparts. Somehow Pamela Wells, who oversaw every aspect of the creation and production of Affirmations, has managed to create a far better than usual product despite its exceedingly (and almost bafflingly) low price tag. The bottom line, if you have concerns about this set’s quality, you need not worry. It’s a beauty! Fantastic for personal use (I pull a card every morning) or for giving to anyone you care about, I heartily recommend Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess. Given its content, exquisite quality and affordability, I plan to keep a few sets on hand for spur of the moment gifts.

Martin Adams, Founder of
Pamela combines her artwork with a crystal-clear understanding of the essence of the archetypes. Her paintings along with the intricate descriptions, exercise and affirmations, have moved me deeply

Arnell Ando, Artist of Transformational Tarot
Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a gorgeously produced deck & book set and an absolute inspiration to meditate with. The beauty of these multi-cultural, 22 Goddess inspired paintings, that relate wonderfully to the Major Arcana archetypes, is pure rejuvenation for the soul. The accompanying book is also a treasure; filled with contemplative and uplifting messages which relate to key aspects of the individual cards, and include lovely poetry and insightful questions to ask oneself; all meant to set the spirit soaring while also getting the overly active mind to slow down and ponder one’s life and personal journey.

Being a self-published Tarot artist, I am especially thrilled when I can support other independent artists, and the presentation and quality of this lovely deck of artworks and well thought out book, set in its snug two-piece box makes an impressive presentation! That it is so reasonably priced adds to the delight of being able to share it with friends. I’ve bought a few and plan to order more soon. Thank you Pamela Wells, for this gift to women.

Tabby Biddle, Founder and CEO of Yoga Blossum Style-A Yoga Lifestyle Company
Pamela Well’s Everyday Goddess Wisdom Cards and Spiritual Guidebook are superb! She has truly made embodiment of the goddess available to the modern woman. Her artwork on the Wisdom Cards portrays modern women as goddess, surrounded in magical mother earth scenes-all infused with an ancient connection to the power of the feminine. The companion Spiritual Guidebook is a treasure. In there, Pamela offers provocative questions for contemplation that invite you deeper into your personal exploration, quotes from modern and ancient teachers, and exercises to that serve to protect, guide and awaken you into deeper consciousness of your life. Pamela writes with the wisdom of a sage and indeed is the embodiment of the modern goddess!

Bonnie Cehovet is a Tarot reader, writer and Tarot reviewer. She wrote the book Tarot in Review.
We are, indeed, all Everyday Goddesses! To help us celebrate this, Wells has combined the archetypes of the Tarot with the art of Affirmations and the energy of the Divine Feminine. “Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess” is a 22 card deck and 110 page companion book set that presents each archetype in feminine form. This is a Collectors Edition, with the cards and box done in gold leaf overlay.

The companion book, entitled “Spiritual Guidebook For Contemplation & Prayer”, is much more than a presentation of the cards. In her introduction, Wells talks about understanding our life within a spiritual context, a context that gives us the answers to our own personal challenges. The purpose of this deck and book is to help us see our personal issues with greater clarity, and to explore life’s meaning and purpose. How much we learn, and the depth of what is revealed, is dependent upon our depth of study and intentional focus during contemplation, meditation and prayer.

The goddess imagery in this deck honors the highest aspirations of all beliefs, cultures, traditions, and religions, and celebrates the principle of the divine feminine. Affirmations are seen as tools for personal growth that can lead to positive re-imaging, taking personal responsibility, and recognizing your personal potential, amongst other things.

Wells gives suggestions for using the deck, for consecrating it, and for learning to recognize when your own intuition is kicking in. She addresses the archetypal energy of the cards, and the journey to self-knowledge. She discusses the concept of non-dual awareness, the return of the feminine (the Archetypal Goddess), and exploring our inner world (looking behind our eyes).

Each card is presented with a black and white scan, keywords, affirmation, a section on how to affirm each archetype, a list of questions for contemplation, an inspirational quote, sometimes a poem, an exercise, and a final question to ask of each of the archetypes.

Several of the exercises are presented as Tarot reading templates (The Emperor, Temperance, The Moon, and The Sun). Other exercises include writing your life story, making a mask, seeing behind the veil, archetypes and dreams, consciousness visualization, individuation with totem animals, learning from past choices, being of service, visualization embracing death, shadow work, and reconnecting to your joy.

At the end of the book there is a table listing each card and the wisdom prayer connected with each one.

The cards themselves are large – 3 ¾” by 5 ½”, glossy, and laminated, with rounded corners. The backs show a jungle scene, with lush green foliage, red flowers at the bottom of the card, and a jaguar coming straight out of the leaves, meeting the readers eyes. The backs are not reversible.

The card faces have a shimmery gold border (thanks to the gold leaf overlay), with the card number and title in black lettering at the top of he card, and the card affirmation at the bottom, also in black lettering. The titles are traditional, with the following exceptions: the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, and the Hanged Man becomes the Hanged One.

The models that posed for this deck are mothers, teachers, artists, therapists, students, lawyers, businesswomen and friends of Pamela Wells that have devoted their lives to the Goddess, service to others, and the well-being of the planet. The images are meant to portray strong, self-confident, powerful everyday goddesses.

The colors used in this deck are intense, but do not overwhelm the imagery. The imagery and symbols within the card are all part of the story, all meant to help the reader connect with their own feminine within. I was impressed by many things with this deck – the naturalness of the imagery, the flowing nature of the gowns that the women are wearing, and the repetition of symbols throughout the deck, such as the snake (seen in the Empress and the Tower), and birds (the Empress, the Emperor, the High Priest, the Wheel of Fortune, Death and the Star).

Specific cards that I was drawn to were the High Priestess (shown wearing a flowing black dress, holding her arms p over her head, with peacock eyes showing on the material flowing from her left arm, with the sky showing through the material flowing from her right arm), the Empress (a female figure surrounded by a wreath of greenery and red flowers, with an abundance of fruit held in her robes, the Lovers (a winged angel in white robes, gazing into a globe that she is holding sowing a male and female figure). the Hermit (which shows a night scene with a female figure in white robes walking through the forest holding a candle)), the Devil (showing a female figure emerging from the roots of a tree, roots that are connected to a male and female figure).

This is a deck that works well as a spiritual focus, for working with affirmations, and for doing personal work with each of the archetypes. It is also a collectors deck, and a deck that can be appreciated for its wonderful artwork and imagery. A unique feature of this deck is that it is also available as an iphone app.

This is an independently published (self-publishes) deck, that is of absolutely top quality. The box that it comes in is heavy duty, with a lift off top. The inside of the top shows a white background, with gold leaves. The bottom shows a gold background, with white words representing spirit (i.e. Divine, Yahweh, Infinite, Govinda). The top, sides and bottom of the box were all designed by Wells herself (a definite upside to independent publishing!).

This is definitely a deck worth checking out! More than a deck, more than a series of affirmations – it is a tool of empowerment for anyone that chooses to work with it.

Jeanne Leiter, Temple of the Goddess Newsletter Book Review
Have you always wanted to have a collector’s edition? These first edition, twenty-one Tarot cards (major arcana only) are sturdy and large (3.75″ x 5.5″). They come in a box that looks beautifully indestructible. The size is not the only thing that is large. They’re large in scope. Gold-framed artistic pictures of modern day Goddesses, showing the beauty of Asian, Black, and Caucasian women wearing the most gorgeous gowns this side of a Parisian runway. Wells feels the cards “. . . portray women as powerful, self-confident and strong everyday goddesses. The models are mothers, teachers, artists, therapists, students, lawyers, businesswomen and friends.” They walk through forests or flowers, swim through water, and fly with angel wings. They walk beside tigers, snakes, and wolves, all are one with the Universe. One holds the Earth gently in her hand. Wells is equally adept at painting humans, animals, and landscape. Even the backs are beautiful, showing a leopard calmly peering through a forest of large, green leaves. The deck is worth the price for the art alone. It’s no surprise to find out Wells has been an artist, commercial illustrator, and graphic designer for over 20 years, and has exhibited her fine art throughout the country. The guidebook is well written. One can use it as a regular major arcana Tarot deck, or expand one’s consciousness by taking each card and following through with all the contemplations and exercises.

Each major arcana card has a printed affirmation at the bottom, so a card can be picked “on the go” for a thought for the day. For instance, number 11 card, Justice, states, “I am truthful with others and myself and I take full responsibility for my choices.”

If you don’t buy this deck for the artwork, then buy it for the 120 page spiritual guidebook that comes with it. Each card, named in the traditional system, includes a keyword, and a short paragraph explaining the card, such as, “The Magician is master of the visible, external world. She asks the question, ‘Do you want to stay in control of the mundane, finite world in front of your eyes, or go on to the mysterious, infinite world behind your eyes?’ . . . Within each person, all of the elements of the larger universe are contained. The study of . . . yourself can lead to a greater understanding of all of creation.”

One section for each card is called “Affirming”. Number 16, the Tower, states, “If you surrender your spiritual progress for egoistic power, you will be living out a hellish nightmare of self-deception. At some point, the forces of life will arrange for your descent into the dark night of the soul where you will be given the opportunity to save your soul. Your descent to the underworld can be both a psychological awakening and a spiritual initiation or neither.”

Each card has a list of ten questions for contemplation. Card number 13, Death, questions, “What am I afraid of?” and “Why is it difficult for me to give up my ego’s wishes?” Very tough questions that, truthfully answered, will allow you to grow.

There are quotes scattered throughout, from across the globe. Carl Jung: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Each card section ends with an exercise for those who want to delve into their own subconscious, their own shadow, to shed light upon those segments hiding in the deep recesses of their soul. The Devil, card 15, has the exercise for shadow work – “What mask are you wearing?” and finally invites, “May I knowingly embrace the shadow parts of myself.”

The above are reasons to buy these cards. The only negative I wish to voice is that although these are “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess”, the term “God” is found throughout. We at are trying to shine a light on the highly masculine, out of balance, Western Society by honoring Goddess. So, yes I was unsettled to find “God” in these Goddess cards.

To be fair, Wells brings up this very point in the introductory section since she states, “Throughout this guidebook and the wisdom cards you will find many names for God: the Divine, Eternal Self, Supreme Being, Absolute Pure Consciousness and so on. God is the most common name used in Western cultures and will be primarily used here. Feel free to substitute the name for God with which you most resonate if you come across a name that doesn’t resonate with you.”

Well, okay. My personal choice of a name for the Deity is Goddess. And my personal recommendation is to buy these cards. This article gives but a small serving of the tasty dishes found within. If you use these cards to swim the underwater caverns of your psyche, you will find that you are indeed wiser, more spiritual, more human than you were before.

Tarot Dame Goddess Deck Review
Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a 22-card (Majors only) tarot deck, self published by Pamela Wells. The deck and 110-page spiritual guidebook are designed for contemplation, prayer, affirmation, and bringing your inner goddess into your daily life.

The cards and deck come in a sturdy box with a lift-off lid. The entire set is very professionally put together, and if I hadn’t known it, I’d never guess that they were self-published. The cards have a glossy laminate and the borders feature metallic gold ink overlay that shimmers when the card moves in the light. The cards are pretty large (3.75″ x 5.5″). The card titles are on the top border, with an affirmation along the bottom border. The backs (non-reversible) feature a jungle cat creeping through lush greenery. There is an extra card that comes with the deck titled “Wisdom Prayer Guide” which provides a brief prayer for each card. For example, the prayer for The Empress is “May I feel love for and connection with all beings.” while the affirmation for the same card is, “I see the sacred in all beings and myself.”

Being a goddess deck, the main figures in the cards are all female. The only males in the deck are in the Devil and Lovers cards. The Devil card shows a woman with Medusa-like snake tendrils emerging from a tree, while a nude man and woman stand at the bottom of the tree. The Lovers card is a female angel holding a sphere in her hands, and inside the sphere is a small image of a man and woman from the upper chest up. The Tower has a couple of people falling, and they are of ambiguous gender. The Sun is the card that stands out as being vastly different from the others, as it shows a face, eyes closed, within the sun’s rays. I suppose, with the lipstick, this is supposed to be female as well, but it looks rather androgynous to me, and at first glance I always assume it is male.

There are two name changes in the deck, as the Hanged Man becomes the Hanged One and the Hierophant is renamed High Priest.

The card images are very striking and depict strong, confident women. One of the things I love about the deck is that the artist has illustrated women from a variety of races. This makes it easier to relate to, since it mirrors the world we live in better than a lot of decks out there. If you look closely at a couple of the cards, there does seem to be a bit of age variety as well, which is also nice. The cards are not designed for any specific religion, so I imagine women from many different spiritual paths can find comfort and wisdom in these cards, as they illustrate the divine within each of us in a non-denominational manner.

The coloring is lovely and varies from card to card. Some of the cards are vibrant and lush, while others are softer, but they all flow together seamlessly. Many of the cards are so gorgeous that I can sit and lose myself in them for some time. I don’t personally use cards for meditation, but if I did, this deck would probably be one of my first choices. If I wanted to channel a strong, powerful woman, the Emperor exudes that in spades! Every time I see The High Priestess, she reminds me of the magical powers of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (my kids mentioned it too.) It’s clear to see the abundance in the Empress card and the surrender of the Death card. The horse rearing in the Chariot card gives a strong feeling of immediate movement.

Two of my favorite cards are the Hermit and the Star. They both have a tranquil, peaceful feel to them, but they are very different from one another at the same time. The artist has done a spectacular job of illustrating the images to match the essences of each card.

I used this deck for my daily draws for a week. It was a week during which I was going through a palpable spiritual transformation, and the Death card came up every single day! The cards seemed to be very much tuned in to my energy for the week, as I continued to pull positive and transformational cards.

The 110 page softcover book is same size as the cards. There is a whole lot of very detailed information packed into this little book. The introduction includes details such as how to use affirmations, how to know when you are receiving inner guidance, what archetypes are and how they work, feminine spirituality, and much more.

There is a black and white image of each card, along with keywords and an affirmation. The artist/writer was most thorough in her accompanying text for each card. Each image is followed by a paragraph describing the meaning of the card. This is followed by relevant famous quotes and/or poems, and ways to affirm this card’s meaning in your life. Then there is a Contemplation section which asks several questions of you, to make the card personal to your life. There is also an exercise for each card, which may be a reading spread, an art project, a visualization, a writing prompt, etc. And lastly, there is a final prayer (which is also compiled on the extra Wisdom Card Prayer Guide).

The book is such a fantastic spiritual resource in and of itself. There is an amazingly great amount of spiritual guidance that Wells has managed to squeeze into such a small volume.

Pamela Wells has also created an iPhone app. For more information on the app, visit the app page on the artist’s site.

I was very impressed with this deck/book set. I think it is an outstanding deck for those interested in positive, spiritual affirmations. It would be a wonderful deck to help select a positive affirmation at the beginning of each day. It would also be a fantastic choice for a meditation tool.

As a tarot deck, I found the cards to speak to me strongly on a spiritual level. I can recommend the deck if you are a woman (or read for women) with soulful inquiries. The cards being geared toward the inner goddess, coupled with the fact that it’s a Majors-only deck, limits its usage as a reading deck, and for that reason it is not one I would choose for an everyday, all-purpose reading deck. However, its specific design makes it a perfect choice when looking for just such a deck, or to pull out for certain readings.

The book is a fabulous resource for spiritual growth and goes a long way in empowering you to take a proactive stance in your life and in following through with the cards’ messages for you.

Review by Ginny Hunt, Tarot Reader and author of the blog 78 Notes to Self.
About a month ago, author and artist Pamela Wells asked me if I’d take a look at her deck of “Inner Guidance Cards” called “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess.” I would have responded with a knee-jerk, “No thanks,” except I took a look at the publisher’s website first. Artmagic Publishing is a sweet site with all kinds of goodies that are divine-feminine minded, spiritually leaning, and just really good work. I took a look at the cards and decided, sure, why the hell not? It looked like a nice deck. I tend to shy away from oracle and affirmation decks. I do own one or two, but I tend to dismiss most of them as, oh…I don’t know, spiritual chotchkies, not incredibly meaningful or useful. What specifically caught my interest was that these cards were described as TAROT Guidance Cards. Oh really? So I replied to Pamela letting her know I would like to review her deck on 78 Notes To Self.

Opening the deck upon arrival proved to be a genuine treat. It is enclosed in its own well constructed, sturdy, lined box (yes, it is lined!) The cover art is exquisite and reminiscent of ancient religious art. The figure on the front is clearly Eve standing beside the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She holds one fruit in her hand and is almost greedily reaching up to pluck another from the tree. The implication here is she is hungry for knowledge and despite any warnings to the contrary, she wants all the wisdom she can hold. Interestingly, the snake, which Christian tradition holds as the vile tempter, is echoed in the gown that drapes her body, enveloping her body. Its position reminds me of the cadeceus and the Rod of Asclepius, both symbols that represent healing and medicine. The implication is that while there are responsibilities and consequences to acquiring wisdom and knowledge, the effect of it is healing and growth. The end papers that line the box are richly patterned as are the gold borders of the cards. The bottom section of the box is lined in paper that is decorated with stylized, calligraphed names of God from various spiritual traditions and practices. Opening the box feels a bit like stepping into sacred space.

The 22 cards themselves are the size of regular (large) tarot cards, and they are gloss coated, so at first use they are stuck together, but once separated they shuffle smoothly and don’t stick together. The shiny surface is a bit much and detract, I think, from the richness of the art as the light reflects and glares impede the ability to view the art the way, I believe, it was intended. I think the coating is unnecessary since this is not intended as a “reading” deck and isn’t likely to suffer the abuse of constant use. The art is detailed and exquisite, the colors rich and vibrant. Some of the goddesses appear to be of ancient origin while others seem more modern which gives the deck a timeless quality, allowing one to envision the goddesses as timeless themselves. The women featured on the cards, we are assured, are real women. They are all very beautiful but I don’t have a problem with that because they’re goddesses, after all. Personally, if I was a goddess and able to choose my material form, I’m pretty sure I would choose an aesthetically pleasing one. I do appreciate the diversity of skin tones and hair colors and textures represented in this deck.

Only two cards do not feature a goddess image, although the Sun is anthropomorphized with a feminine face. After all these years of associating the Sun with a masculine energy, it is refreshing to see it personified as feminine. The nurturing gaze on the face of the Sun suddenly brings to mind the Empress and her creative, prolific energy. Of course! They are obviously connected! The other goddess-less card is The Tower. The tower itself does not appear to be in the process of being destroyed as much as it is being revealed by the “all-seeing eye” above it. The absence of the physical presence of a goddess is poignant because in times of extreme personal loss and devastation it can seem as if the Divine has in fact abandoned us or, worse, is the malevolent force behind the destruction. Therefore, the absence of a physical representation of the goddess on this card is particularly significant.

Each card includes an affirmation printed unobtrusively on the bottom border. I am not personally a fan of “extra stuff” printed on cards, like keywords, affirrmations, etc., so I like that one can use these cards without being forced to use the affirmation if one does not desire. So even though this deck is clearly intended as an Affirmation Deck, it does not overly impose that practice on the user. The affirmations themselves are intelligent and based solidly on a clear understanding of the accepted Major Arcana card meanings. They are positive, yet realistic, and don’t feel “forced” when spoken aloud.

The affirmations would be enough in themselves but the artist has also authored a companion book that guides one through an intelligent practice of using affirmations in one’s spiritual life. The book — I refuse to call it a “booklet” despite its diminutive size — is a worthy introduction to archetypes, the use of affirmations, and non-dual awareness. Dual awareness is what keeps us entrenched in dichotomies, such as masculine/feminine and other either/or ways of categorizing people and things. It is an effort I can deeply appreciate given my strong feminist beliefs. At first it may seem hypocritical to promote non-dual awareness with a deck that is clearly all feminine all the time. Yet this deck is clearly promoting non-dual awareness by imaging women in roles that are traditionally male dominated. One of the most striking cards in the entire deck is the Emperor. A beautiful ebony-skinned goddess with natural hair stands squarely facing the viewer. She holds a scepter, a symbol of power and authority, in one hand and in the crook of her other arm rests an eagle, an ancient symbol representing a noble nature, strength and aristocracy. A lion stands by her, also representing power, courage, authority and royalty. She stares forthrightly out of the card and one would be hard-pressed to deny her inner strength and determination. There is no doubt she IS the Emperor. No question. Imaging the persona of the Emperor as a woman assists in creating that non-dual awareness that allows us to see both men and women as equally suited for roles.

The book is a very helpful guide through each card as well, including as it does quotations appropriate for the meanings of each card and self-exploratory exercises one can do, or not, with each card. I love the flexibility of this deck which allows Major Arcana tarot readings, meditative exercises, and affirmation practice. One can use it as one chooses. And the art is gorgeous. You won’t get tired of looking at these images. They’re rife with hidden details and symbolism. This is most definitely a deck that would take a long time to uncover all the mysteries both in a tarot sense and in a spiritual sense.

Very well done, Pamela.

Janet Boyer, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer
Janet Boyer is an author, writer, reviewer, and teacher. Learn more about Janet and her published work and her intuitive readings at her website

“The imagery and the affirmations of each wisdom card are designed to give a direction and focus to your thoughts. What you do not know right now can be brought to your awareness through study and contemplation, using the guidebook and wisdom cards, and through meditation and prayer. Because your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind, tapping into your unconscious mind using these tools are an important way to unlock your greatest potential and bring clarity to previously confusing aspects of your life.”

While many people use Tarot for divination and fortunetelling, the true psychological and spiritual depths of the cards often stay buried. However, active meditation on the Tarot, as well as affirmations and contemplative journaling, can unearth magnificent revelatory jewels for the introspective, aware individual.

It is in this spirit that artist and author Pamela Wells created the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck. Based on the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, each card depicts the strength, nobility and confidence of “everyday” women as a reflection of the Divine Feminine. However, Wells explains that the return of the archetypal Goddess spans culture, gender and beliefs.

According to Wells, the hallmarks of the reemergence of the feminine principle include:

-Learning to see behind your eyes
-Integration to form a whole
-Being in touch with your own body, imagery and truth
-Intentionality, synchronicity, paradox, self-nourishment, surrender and holding boundaries
-Exploring the inner world

Resplendent with vibrant color, golden borders and photorealistic imagery (especially garment fabrics!), each high-gloss card of the Affirmation for the Everyday Goddess deck displays a title and number at the top, with an affirmation on the bottom. For example, the unobtrusively printed affirmation on the Justice card is “I am truthful with others and myself and take full responsibility for my choices.”

Ms. Wells has done a fantastic job with the 110-page companion guide to the deck, providing profound insights on each card via essays, keywords, contemplative questions, quotations, exercises and a brief prayer. For those seeking to go deeper with the Tarot, in this case, the 22 Major Arcana cards, the contemplative questions are especially thought provoking.

Case in point: for the High Priestess (a card I drew once when using this deck), the companion booklet notes that this archetype says, “Step behind the veil”. “The veil is everything that limits what you know, value and believe. The veil is also any negative teachings that increase your fear and shame and that prevent you from learning more.”

Some of the contemplative questions for the High Priestess include:

-Do I know what intuition is?
-What is ignorance?
-What is darkness a metaphor for?
-What are the mysteries of the universe?
-What is the ultimate truth?

I have used the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess several times over the last few months, and every time I do so, I find its wisdom illuminating, relevant, accurate, and centering. I’ve never used a Majors-only deck before, but this particular Tarot has eased its way in my heart in an unexpected way. I find that I am especially drawn to it when I need a good does of spiritual nourishment.

I highly recommend the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess wisdom cards by Pamela Wells; those who are drawn to the feminine form and archetypal goddess energy as well as those who seek to use the Majors for journaling, contemplation, prayer and affirmation’s will no doubt be delighted and surprised by this unusual deck.

(Note: these cards measure approximately 5″ x 3″ inches with a non-reversible backing that depicts a leopard among lush jungle leaves and a red-flowered bush).

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Deck as featured in "Spirituality and Health Magazine's" Favorites List

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Deck as featured in “Spirituality and Health Magazine’s” Favorites List