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Affirmations Goddess Deck & Cards
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gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditationgold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditationgold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditationgold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditation


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More About Goddess Art Products

 gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditationThis Collector’s set includes 22 oversized, gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditation, a 120-page spiritual Guidebook and a Wisdom Prayer Guide to be used in conjunction with the cards.

This boxed collection is a powerful tool for the journey to greater self-knowledge, understanding and awareness. By using the Affirmation Cards to guide you and direct your focus you will learn more about yourself and God (goddess, spirit or the divine).

This book and card set is an excellent self-discovery and inner guidance tool.

  • -Discover more clarity about the meaning and purpose of your life so you can better yourself and those around you.
  • -Use the goddess tarot cards as a valuable tool for new ways to perceiving life’s challenges.
  • -Use the affirmations for personal and spiritual growth and as a daily reminder of a positive state of being that exists inside of you.
  • -Learn how to correctly translate divine inner guidance in order to manifest your highest potential.
  • -Incorporate the evolutionary stages of the affirmations as a road map to better understand how your life is progressing.
  • -Spiritual book includes wide-ranging quotations and challenging questions to deepen your understanding of the spiritual wisdom in the affirmations goddess tarot.
  • -Learn new ways of perceiving life’s challenges
  • -Heal your overdependence of other’s opinions
  • -Take more personal responsibility
  • -Let go of negative emotions and thoughts
  • -Give yourself permission to grow and change
  • -Recognize your own highest potential
  • -Realize positive future outcomes
  • -Resolve past emotions and events
  • -See the past, present and future more clearly

The journey to self-knowledge and wisdom encompasses some of the following:

  • -Having a passion to know the answer to life’s most challenging questions and starting the journey
  • -Liberating yourself from disempowering and limiting beliefs
  • -Moving past your personality and embracing your authentic self
  • -Learning how to correctly translate inner guidance
  • -Enduring the “dark night of the soul”
  • and much, much more